Some eye-catching t-shirt designs pre-pressed in November

An Original 8 spot color illustration=



These next three were created to have the same look and feel as designs
that the client sent me.  So I re-created those designs, only with the clients’ titles and wordage=

This one is a process print with halftone underbase and spot white.   Process printing
a tie-dye pattern is nice because it’s forgiving; if the colors are a little off nobody
will ever know.




This was many more colors then this.  I had to knock it down in psd channels to
six spot colors, including white base and spot white=


I do white on black garments by creating a grey halftone underbase, then
laying a spot white over it.  That way if it’s too light or dark on press the
grey ink can be adjusted, which is a lot better then adusting on the computer
then re-burning screens.



Here’s a free one.  Pretty often cancer kid t-shirts come through and I can’t bring
myself to charge for them.


I had to get a low rez jpg floral pattern to work in a six spot color shirt.  Lots of
psd smudge tool work.  Grey Underbase, spot white




This is a straightforward but complex vector trace of a pencil drawing scan
that the client sent me.  I wanted to create gradients to make it pop, but
the client was on a supertight budget so wanted it as fast and simple
as possible.  Waddayado?




Woodcut look

I did what I could to give this a woodcut look; started in pen and ink, then moved to photoshop Bitmap filters.  I get the impression that this could be a whole discipline in itself, and I’d like to figure it out