Woodcut look

I did what I could to give this a woodcut look; started in pen and ink, then moved to photoshop Bitmap filters.  I get the impression that this could be a whole discipline in itself, and I’d like to figure it out


Four of the more interesting January seps

I had a busy January, which was nice.  Here are four of the many seps that came through.  They’re good examples of the regular work I do every day.  Fire is especial difficult to sep on a black garment.  I can pull it off with four colors: grey underbase, spot white, spot yellow, and spot dark orange.

RITMO-LATINO-1st-draft-115-2014-PROOF SNAKE KILLER 2nd draft 1 8 2014 PROOF

TRIBE 1st draft 1 22 2014 PROOF WOMAN WARRIORS CONFERENCE 1st draft 1 16 2014 proof